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Our Practice

Our appointment times are longer than the industry standard to allow effective diagnosis and appropriate management strategies to be implemented. We encourage active rehabilitation and believe in empowering the patient by teaching self-management strategies.  Patients will receive a thorough explanation of their condition (and the factors underlying their symptoms), have goals set for their rehabilitation and receive an individualised rehabilitation programme.

Our Objective

To achieve optimal short-term and long-term outcomes by appropriately managing the signs and symptoms of both acute and chronic disorders.”

We believe in spending time to establish the underlying factors which may be contributing to the injury i.e. sub-optimal body mechanics, poor functional habits and unhelpful beliefs or thoughts.

Our Team

Our therapists take time to understand the contributing factors that drive musculoskeletal pain. We base intervention on the best available evidence and take a biopsychosocial approach to patient management which is inclusive of the physical, physiological, cognitive, social and behavioural aspects of a disorder. In doing so, we aim to go beyond merely curative treatments and strive for meaningful functional improvements tailored specifically for each client.

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